Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Forgive Me Father...

Forgive me Father for it has been 17 days since my last blog post, and at this point I'm not even going to attempt to back date my posts to catch up! Like my blog title references, "in between goals is a thing called life..." and let me tell you, I've been living it! Between the time you're reading this and my last blog post I've...

- Ate myself sick on sushi because I just can't say no to that last roll on the plate (thanks Lindas!)

- Met 30 awesome women from as far away as Texas, Florida and Georgia all with a common interest to be amazing and adventurous! 

- Hiked and snowshoed Tahquamenon State Park and Falls, and loved every minute of it (until I tripped over my own snow shoes due to the inability to walk, talk and gawk at the same time!). 

- Found out toe warmers can pretty much cook and burn your toes when you've activated them properly. Ouchie.

- Qualify to run a novice dogsled race since I've now actually dogsledded (is that a word?). Mushing was amazing! I absolutely loved working and teaming with dogs in a new and completely different way and connecting with nature. It doesn't matter what you bounce your sled off, it's not considered crashing unless you let go! Rule #1, 2 and 3 = HANG ON!

- Ate more hamburgers, steak and prime rib in one week than I have all year! All that winter adventure makes one hungry! 

- Returned back home and couldn't wait until the next adventure, so I am signed up to go hiking, rock climbing and horseback riding in May with one of my new Trail friends! Thanks Janet - can't wait til Fireball P.I. and Cheetah Chick are reunited again! 

- Realized (even more than normal) the value of having the most logical friend in an insane work place environment upon my return from vacation. Thanks Skillet!

- Got to check out one of AFI's Top 100 on the big screen and now can (re)mark off Alfred Hitchcock's, "Rear Window" from my viewing needs.

- Fell in love with the song, "Wagon Wheel" all over again after finding out Darius Rucker isn't the only one that can sing it well. : )

- Got to catch up with my besties over wine and dinner! I've missed them dearly due to recent scheduling issues, so it was great to catch up with my loves on our most recent Whine and Wine Friday! (one of these days, I'll actually bring dessert! Yikes!)

- Had amazing (and not so amazing!) students tell me they loved me. God grant me the serenity to deal with my "remedials"! Yowzers!

- Experienced Chicago stuffed pizza in a whole new way! 

- Just wrote out my down payment check on a girls' dude ranch weekend for October.

- Been working to close the gaps on, and schedule hangout dates with the friends I've been missing! If I haven't made it to you yet, don't worry, I'm getting there! Miss you my Dirty Lynn and KK.

- Scheduled a March Galentine's dinner date with even more C&P girls and of course, that means even more fun! Can't wait to see my gals!

- Haven't slept worth a damn since I've been back from vacation, but that's what the grave is for! Busy living life and you should be too!

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