Tuesday, January 1, 2013


It's the first day of a fresh year, or if you will, a fresh page in a new book and I plan on writing a very interesting adventure story. My story, that is. What will your book look like this year? Would your story be a best seller, or a pamphlet that no one would want to read? My book is going to contain a lot of pictures, and here's some to start it off!

I am happy to report that I rang in the new year healthfully with a restorative yoga session and dinner out with great friends. Last night as I slowly dozed off to the noise of fireworks, I thought about the fresh year ahead and was excited for the first event of the year. Today I participated in the Commitment Day 5K. It wasn't a resolution, it wasn't a race. It was a commitment to move and be active. A commitment to live healthier. I initially thought I could live satisfied without signing up for a new year's day activity, but the more I prolonged registration, the more internal arguing I heard in my head. Now, I don't know about you, but the only way I can shut down my inner voice is to usually give in to it. So I did. I registered, I walked, and I soaked up the beautiful and soul warming sunshine on the coldest, thus far, day of the winter season. Of course, I got a good workout in along the way, and am happy to have started this year off on the right foot (literally) to a healthier and even more active me.

Instead of getting caught up in the competition (real or imagined), I actually stopped along the way to take some photos. The day was staggeringly bright, yet grey and some how bland. The cold North wind ripped through my clothes and tore at my eyes, enough to make them tear but I still managed to appreciate and capture the beauty of the day. Some people stopped along the way to take photos of themselves, but I decided to try to capture the brightness and hope of the day. I love the reflections in the water, the detail of the lamp post, and the lack of color yet overwhelming brightness and light of this photo.

Post photo session and 5K, I headed to my car. On my way back to the parking garage, I decided to take advantage of my proximity to the Field Museum. I had been wanting to see the latest exhibit, "Maharajah" but hadn't made the time. Since I literally had to pass the entrance of the museum to get to my car, I headed in. I showed my zoo volunteer ID, got free general admission, and added on the extra exhibit. There was no time like the present I figured, and how could I not take advantage of one of my volunteer perks? I learned a lot about the history of India and how it intertwines with that of the British. I learned about the different traditions of the Indian royalty and it's progression through history. In all, the exhibit was small, but I was glad I went. It is one more thing I can scratch off my "to do" list.

After the Maharajah, I grabbed brunch and then walked around the rest of the museum. Having been amongst live animals at the zoo all season long, seeing the lifeless exhibits of stuffed animals was odd and macabre to me. I couldn't help but think of the animals I have come to love at the zoo, their names, their personalities and how full of life they are in comparison to what was in front of me. I pray that  the future does not allow museums to be the only place that we will be able to see examples of such majestic animals on display.  

Ironically in the photo to the left, I love the warmth of the bronze bones that Sue the T-Rex provides against the stark white walls of the museum.

In wrapping up my day, I headed home for a much needed nap, errands, chores and home made chicken fajitas. It's hard to believe that today is a Tuesday versus a Sunday! In closing, I am glad I took full advantage of the day today, got active despite the weather, and treated myself to an exhibit that I had procrastinated seeing. Now, I'm off to pack my gym bag for an early morning workout tomorrow. Good night for now, readers.

I think I'm off to a good start in my book so far, what is your first chapter looking like?

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