Sunday, December 30, 2012


It's the last Sunday of the year and since tomorrow is Monday and the start of a fresh week, my new workout routine starts. Although January 1st brings on all the promise of a fresh year, I can't make any sense of starting something new on a Tuesday versus a Monday. I'm guessing lots of readers have similar new year resolutions (to workout/diet) and will start a new on the 1st, but I can't say working out is anything new for me, rather I'm just switching up what I do.

I've been struggling since my tailbone injury and a pinched nerve to find a challenging workout that won't aggravate my issues, (I dearly miss my Cross-Fit class) so back to the Body for Life program I go. It's a great routine and easy to follow. I just purchased the Body For Life Success Journal and downloaded some new tunes for my I-pod - this girl is ready to hit it, and hit it hard.

But with all that said above and talk of resolutions, I have decided to change things up a bit for 2013. Instead of focusing on things like, "get skinny" or "get rich", I'd rather focus on how I feel. Meaning, if I want to feel healthy, I ask myself what do I have to do to get there? How do I feel healthy? The answer is I feel healthiest when I'm working out, eating well, and practicing yoga. Additionally, I feel healthy and happy when I'm giving back and volunteering, and (hopefully) inspiring others. I feel healthy when I forgive others, and let all the bullshit of the day go and focus on friends and family (admittedly, sometimes easier said then done). Pretty easy right? This frame of mind and choice of "resolution" seems much more forgiving then torturing one's self with the scale, right?

As for that comment about getting rich - how does one feel rich with limited money? I've got a plan for that too - save money, give to others, and realize that not all riches are monetary, of course. Easy-peasy, right? It will be as easy as I want it to be. Resolutions after all, are really just a frame of mind. How do you plan to feel in the new year?

PS) This author is going to start feeling happy immediately by finally pulling a nail out of the living room wall that has been there since I moved in 5+ years ago. It's constantly made me think it was a bug on the wall when I catch a glimpse of it!

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  1. I just checked my horoscope in hopes of seeing what tomorrow's prediction is for in efforts to posibly blend it into a future post topic, but I got stuck on what today's said:

    "For most people, new beginnings start in a few days -- but it just feels like now is the time to get started on those resolutions. You feel great when you get a step up on that new diet or exercise regimen!"

    Pretty darn fitting! Wow!