Thursday, February 23, 2017


Things I've done, am doing, am contemplating or am looking forward to...

I should have a Fit Bit Charge 2 arriving to my doorstep today, compliments of a work-health benefit. Now, only if I can figure out how to use it properly and sync it with some other tracking programs I'm currently working out in I'll be all set.

Sushi dinner tonight with my Muffin-friend.

I just signed up for Stitch Fix, we'll see how that goes! I feel that I was able to give them some general "fit" ideas, and hoping they can add some new, fun pieces to my wardrobe (Me a Day Moment, by the way)

Currently, 53 days til my big trip with the hubs. I have two new bathing suits in route. Bathing suits - eek. But I really don't give a crap about my body's imperfections at this point. It is what it is. I will instead focus on the parts I do like, and focus on the activities being done in said bathing suit, versus self conscience bullshit.

Still can't say I'm used to my new glasses. The frames are big, bright and bold. And since there are no nose-pads, they're constantly smeared. And don't even get me started on getting used to using the different levels of focus in them. Ugh. It's been two weeks and I am still not use to them - is it time to throw in the towel and get something different?  

Struggling with some healthy eating choices as of the past few days, but back on track (so far) today. I will celebrate the successes of working out and eating well, versus berating myself about the crap I can't change anyway.

Despite partaking in it, I must admit I'm pretty sick of social media these days. It's the same old crap from the same people. Politics, share this if you love Jesus, I bet this dog/vet/grandma/kid can't get a single "like" posts, etc. I've been transitioning some of my on-line time to crossword puzzles instead. At least that's not a total brain waste.

I am grateful for the warm and sunny weather as of late, and am not looking forward to the colder, yet realistic for this time of year, weekend. 

I recently refinished a boring, brown, wood, framed mirror. I updated it with a blue chalk paint, topped with a white coat. When randomly sanded, I ended up with a reclaimed wood style-look that actually matches our bathroom. Yay!

Still contemplating volunteering, just not sure where yet. Thinking the local Park District may be the ticket, but I was initially discouraged by their seemingly lack of organization upon my application submission. I just don't like feeling "purpose-less" where the greater good of the world is concerned. Volunteering with the zoo gave me that and I miss it. Why can't there be zoos in the suburbs? : )

I'm going home and cleaning out my closet, which may literally leave me naked. I am following suit of an inspirational co-worker and getting rid of the things that don't "Spark Joy". I can't wait to get rid of a certain sweatshirt I bought years ago that never even fit, yet has been taunting me that "one day" it might...ugh, be gone damn you!  I may have to post before and after photos of my closet (thank goodness I signed up for Stitch Fix!)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I started this post Feb 10th and never got around to "finishing" it, but I was obviously fired up about the headlines that day...

What's wrong with people today? The latest news updates are that of a kid who got thrown to the ground in school for allegedly bumping into another student, suffering multiple facial fractures and having to be put into a medically induced coma followed by a man who decided to kill and allegedly rape a jogger because he was "upset" and having issues at home. Since I don't know all the details of these cases or if the alleged attackers are truly guilty - I'll just make this a hypothetical blog post.

So, hypothetically, a man has a bad day and kills someone because he's upset. My first reaction is - who the eff thinks of and has the balls to do that? How is it logical to go from, "I had a bad day" so now "let me go kill someone"? People like this need a good ass whoopin' (and then some) to say the least.
What is wired so wrong in these people's heads that they can't cope with basic life and it's issues, like so many of us do, and they have to resort to such violence? 

Of course, this one story of violence is a mere fraction of the wrong doings that go on across the country and throughout the world. Sadly, it's stuff like this that gets fed into the media mainstream, and even noted in this blog. Negative, nasty behavior seems to dominate the world, but why? Is it the shock value? Like, how everyone can't stop staring at a bad train wreck or car accident? Perhaps. Do people act poorly knowing it will garner this type of attention hence making them, "famous"? I don't know. Perhaps there's chemical imbalances or mental issues that make people do what they do (psychopaths, murderers, etc), but I'm going to go one step beyond the shock factor and ask, where are the "consequences" of people's behaviors in this day and age? 

When I was raised, there were consequences for every action that I did, good or bad. And the consequences were severe enough that if I choose to do something stupid, the punishment would insure a new found respect for authority and that I did not repeat the process of stupidity and poor judgement again. So where are the consequences in today's world? 

In my opinion, people don't "parent" today and want to be their child's best friend. Kids today threaten to call the cops on their parents for "abusive" behaviors (which is really called consequences). Kids are not taught that life isn't fair or how to deal with it, versus getting a participation award for just showing up. This sets people up to fail later in life when they haven't learned to cope with any type of hardships. In some cases, perhaps there's a true mental or chemical issue at hand that would drive negative behaviors but when I see bratty kids slapping people, pushing people, and not being corrected - I'm still going to stick with the idea that lack of consequences can lead to stupid and irresponsible behaviors later. 

Monday, February 6, 2017


  1. 1.
    (especially in journalism) the use of exciting or shocking stories or language at the expense of accuracy, in order to provoke public interest or excitement.
    "media sensationalism"

A post of not so random things that I feel sensationalism and social media has made far worse than its reality...

Politics: I have no problem with difference of opinions and those who state their concerns in a fair and intelligent manner but find it deplorable that not everyone can fight a clean debate. With that said, I grow increasingly annoyed by what the news, social media, and individual contributors present to the masses where politics are concerned. It seems that only Anti-Trump opinions matter, and that if you are not of the same mindset you are considered a number of things, including racist, unintelligent, and sexist. 

I find that most, not all, Anti-Trumps have turned their opinions into opportunities to outright bully others and spread hate. One example (and I have many) of this is witnessing a friend who is now afraid to speak their mind or share photos after being sent explicit hate mail when posting photos (on social media) of themselves attending the inauguration. I find it hypocritical that a side, any side, fighting for human (and more directly women's rights) is literally pushing others who disagree with them into a closet of fear where opinions that differ cannot be voiced. 

It is also highly disappointing to witness those who have not bothered to educate themselves base their opinions (and social media posts) on botched videos and fact-less news. I've witnessed certain people grandstanding in a movement that they know nothing about. I suppose for some, this is an effort to feel included and to be a part of "something". I disagree however, and believe that politics should never be a place of conformity, versus making an educated choice. Kudos to those of you who have done your homework and can speak in facts about your opinions and beliefs. 

A Dog's Purpose movie. Yep. A movie. Based on a spliced together video of alleged animal abuse, PETA is calling for a boycott of this movie. I have watched the video myself, and once again, shrug my shoulders at the sensationalism PETA and social media has created while not representing all the facts. I have been a pet owner for most of my life, I am going on my 10th year as a force free, positive reinforcement, professional certified dog trainer, and have volunteered with the Anti-Cruelty Society as well as an accredited zoo dealing directly with animals and education programs to the public so yes, I do have animal rights in mind as I am typing this. While I don't agree with what the video portrayed (a dog being "pushed" into water), I do not think it was abuse. If the video was accurate and real, at best I would say that the actions taken in it were a very, very poor lapse in trainer judgement and handling. Perhaps I am jaded, as I have seen abuse first hand. I have seen animals scarred and burned. I have seen animals matted with 10 pounds of excess, filthy fur who can hardly walk because of neglect. I have seen animals starved and beaten. So perhaps, I have a different opinion of what abuse actually is? But based on it, I still support and plan to see the movie. I believe that the American Humane Society, having been on set of the movie, backs and regulates their claims that "No animal was harmed in the making of this film" and wish others would think and investigate on their own before jumping on the boycott bandwagon. 

Update: A new video and article has come out stating that the previously released abuse video was faked. While I don't doubt the original video was spliced to appear far worse than it was, I still stand by my opinion that the trainer used poor judgement at times, but feel "vindicated" that there was no farther "abuse" as suggested in the original video.

Budweiser Commercial. During the Superbowl, Budweiser aired their commercial called, "Born The Hard Way". It is a story of young, German immigrant, Adolphus Busch coming to America and making good on the American dream. This has been interpreted as a direct attack on Trump's anti-immigration laws and finds many supporters calling for the boycott of Budweiser via hashtags all over social media. Perhaps I'm naive, but it's a commercial people! Think about the time frame it took to put it together will you? I highly doubt that it was created as a direct response to Trump's election or laws. I'm asking people to get out of their internet bubble and realize that not everything on TV or the internet has to be about politics. Stop sensationalizing the most basic data and making it something to be hated or banned (like clothing lines from Trump family members and coffee chains)  

And if I'm wrong? Then either drink the beer or don't, but then I'll ask that if you've used a hashtag followed by anything related to "boycott Budweiser", please take it a step farther and boycott every other item in existence that was created by an immigrant (and good luck with that one).