Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Me A Day

Wow, in reviewing my blog posts for the year, I really thought I'd have done more writing than, counting this, 35 posts. Yikes. I guess this is one more thing I need, and want, to work on for myself in the new year.

Recently I was reminded that I have a lot of free time. Only, I don't feel like I have any free time - so what gives? Upon contemplation, I realized that I fill my "free time" with obligations and errands and by the time they're completed, I'm usually tired and ready for bed. This leaves no time for things that I personally want to do, like hang out with friends, get a manicure, read a book, relax, or whatever it is that I find personally fulfilling. In an effort to change this up, I took two hours of "free time" today and didn't clean the house, do the dishes or laundry, and didn't take out the trash. Instead, I went and got a manicure and pedicure and even read a gossip magazine. 

During my "me" time, I found it hard to not think about  all the things that I felt like I should be doing, so that's what I am going to work on for 2017. Do more things for me, and less thinking about the "shoulds". The fact is, you can drive yourself nuts with the "what I should be doings" instead of enjoying life in any given moment. 

I thought back to when I started blogging in 2011 and my blog was about doing one thing every day that scared me, and now 5 years later I'm inspired to focus on blogging and posting about ways, each day, that I do something for me. A sort of "Me a Day" post. Who knows where this will lead, and I'm sure there will be other subject matter along the way, but I'm looking forward to the self imposed challenge! 

My Me a Day Moment for Today: Black Onyx Manicure, Koala Berry pedicure, and this post. I heart blogging. 


It's year end. The holidays are over and everyone is looking forward to a new start in a fresh year. Their reasons differ. Some had a rough year, some have had a rough month. None the less, social media is once again peppered with a 50/50 spray of  "Fuck off 2016" and more positive, "New year, new me!" posts. And then there's me. Can't say I really know what to make of it all.

2016 was a year of big changes for me. I moved, had some health scares, changed up my job, changed my last name and perhaps most importantly (and challenging) is that I changed how I will (or won't) deal with negative people, despite their connections to me. Making mental changes and how you emotionally deal with people is a daily battle against what you've been conditioned to do your whole life, or at least it is for me. It's down right painful. But I choose to keep moving forward and deal with the pain of change, versus staying in an even more painful and ever worsening situation. 

Despite the painful stuff, I choose to focus on my big reasons to celebrate 2016. I celebrated my significant other with a fun and exciting Las Vegas wedding, including sharks and thrill rides. I get to relive childhood (the good and bad times!) through the eyes of a new parental role, I got to experience the thrills of historic Tombstone, ghosts and all and got CPDT-KA re-certified.

With all these changes, some things did fall by the way side for me in 2016, so I'm hoping to change that up in 2017. I want to keep mentally growing in 2017. So, does that mean I read more? Attend more seminars (on parenting, dog training, whatever fits my fancy?). Well, probably both (ok, I'll admit, I'm already signed up!). Taking more time for myself is definitely needed. I will have to continue to learn how to balance my new life, with things (people and habits) from my "old" life, mainly the gym and being active.

With that said, I'm excited to be a part of the Run 2017 group, The Rack Pack, where a team of 4 of us will tackle running/walking 2017 miles over the course of the year. I'm excited to plan travels and play dates with friends in the new year. These are things I already have put into motion. So, am I making new years resolutions? I can't say a definitive yes. Am I making constant tweaks and changes to my plans and my life in order to be happy in 2017? You bet. So what else is left to say in 2016?

Cheers to the new year. Cheers to whatever it is that makes you happy, and doing more of it. Or maybe, just cheers to finding what it is that makes you happy. Let 2017 be the year you're "closer to free". Free of the things that pain you, and free of the things that chain you to being anything less than happy.

Thursday, December 22, 2016


More often than not I find myself starting posts and never completing them, searching for perfect subject matters and grammar. Today I'm remembering that not everything I post has to be profound or life-altering, so in the spirit of Keep It Simple Stupid...

I don't like...
Grey snow.
Salt on my pants.
Low pressure tires on cold days
Feeling like Ralph's kid brother all bundled up
Never ending emails
Stupid questions from people that get paid more than I do
Carb-heavy lunches that make me sleepy
Paying for two day mail that arrives in five

I do like...
Conversations with friendly strangers
The smell of warm Belgian waffles
Unexpected thank-yous 
Sunshine and bright days
Mentally positive friends
Starbucks gift cards
Compliments and free energy drinks