Thursday, February 23, 2017


Things I've done, am doing, am contemplating or am looking forward to...

I should have a Fit Bit Charge 2 arriving to my doorstep today, compliments of a work-health benefit. Now, only if I can figure out how to use it properly and sync it with some other tracking programs I'm currently working out in I'll be all set.

Sushi dinner tonight with my Muffin-friend.

I just signed up for Stitch Fix, we'll see how that goes! I feel that I was able to give them some general "fit" ideas, and hoping they can add some new, fun pieces to my wardrobe (Me a Day Moment, by the way)

Currently, 53 days til my big trip with the hubs. I have two new bathing suits in route. Bathing suits - eek. But I really don't give a crap about my body's imperfections at this point. It is what it is. I will instead focus on the parts I do like, and focus on the activities being done in said bathing suit, versus self conscience bullshit.

Still can't say I'm used to my new glasses. The frames are big, bright and bold. And since there are no nose-pads, they're constantly smeared. And don't even get me started on getting used to using the different levels of focus in them. Ugh. It's been two weeks and I am still not use to them - is it time to throw in the towel and get something different?  

Struggling with some healthy eating choices as of the past few days, but back on track (so far) today. I will celebrate the successes of working out and eating well, versus berating myself about the crap I can't change anyway.

Despite partaking in it, I must admit I'm pretty sick of social media these days. It's the same old crap from the same people. Politics, share this if you love Jesus, I bet this dog/vet/grandma/kid can't get a single "like" posts, etc. I've been transitioning some of my on-line time to crossword puzzles instead. At least that's not a total brain waste.

I am grateful for the warm and sunny weather as of late, and am not looking forward to the colder, yet realistic for this time of year, weekend. 

I recently refinished a boring, brown, wood, framed mirror. I updated it with a blue chalk paint, topped with a white coat. When randomly sanded, I ended up with a reclaimed wood style-look that actually matches our bathroom. Yay!

Still contemplating volunteering, just not sure where yet. Thinking the local Park District may be the ticket, but I was initially discouraged by their seemingly lack of organization upon my application submission. I just don't like feeling "purpose-less" where the greater good of the world is concerned. Volunteering with the zoo gave me that and I miss it. Why can't there be zoos in the suburbs? : )

I'm going home and cleaning out my closet, which may literally leave me naked. I am following suit of an inspirational co-worker and getting rid of the things that don't "Spark Joy". I can't wait to get rid of a certain sweatshirt I bought years ago that never even fit, yet has been taunting me that "one day" it might...ugh, be gone damn you!  I may have to post before and after photos of my closet (thank goodness I signed up for Stitch Fix!)


  1. I am SO with yo on the social media stuff. Well, I still like Instagram, but FB? Nahhh. It changed, or I changed? I don't know. It's giving me a snorgasm these days. ;) So I'm just really not paying much attention to it at all.

    Where's this vacation that requires a bathing suit? I'm excited for you!

    I just did a quick sweep of my clothes yesterday because some donation service was coming for a pick up this morning. I wanted to get rid of a lot, but unfortunately I have been unwell this week. I was only able to quickly go through stuff. I still have way too much. It's ok, there will be more opportunities to purge material goods. Feels good to weed stuff out, right?

    Type "AMEN" if you agree. ;)

  2. I still enjoy Instagram (for the most part) but agree about that OTHER place! : )

    Re: Trip - We are finally taking our official honeymoon to one of your favorite places... MAUI! Staying near Lahaina though.

    OMG - Type "AMEN" if you agree?!?! I laughed, and then got enraged thinking of all the dumb posts that contain that! INSANE!

    1. Maui, YESSSSS! You're gonna love it. When I made my first visit there in 2005, we used this guidebook called Maui Revealed, and it was so great. It was especially great for the Road to Hana, because told you all the great places you could stop on the way to see hidden waterfalls and great views. It listed it by mile marker and gave precise instructions. Super helpful and we saw things that we would have never known about otherwise, so I highly recommend picking up that book. It's updated regularly, too. My favorite beach for swimming is Wailea Beach. And I love visiting the Black Sand Beach in Hana (but the water looks way too intimidating for swimming there). Oh also, I highly recommend a boat trip/tour out to Molokini (the mostly sunken ancient volcano) for great snorkeling. Ah, so envious!