Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I started this post Feb 10th and never got around to "finishing" it, but I was obviously fired up about the headlines that day...

What's wrong with people today? The latest news updates are that of a kid who got thrown to the ground in school for allegedly bumping into another student, suffering multiple facial fractures and having to be put into a medically induced coma followed by a man who decided to kill and allegedly rape a jogger because he was "upset" and having issues at home. Since I don't know all the details of these cases or if the alleged attackers are truly guilty - I'll just make this a hypothetical blog post.

So, hypothetically, a man has a bad day and kills someone because he's upset. My first reaction is - who the eff thinks of and has the balls to do that? How is it logical to go from, "I had a bad day" so now "let me go kill someone"? People like this need a good ass whoopin' (and then some) to say the least.
What is wired so wrong in these people's heads that they can't cope with basic life and it's issues, like so many of us do, and they have to resort to such violence? 

Of course, this one story of violence is a mere fraction of the wrong doings that go on across the country and throughout the world. Sadly, it's stuff like this that gets fed into the media mainstream, and even noted in this blog. Negative, nasty behavior seems to dominate the world, but why? Is it the shock value? Like, how everyone can't stop staring at a bad train wreck or car accident? Perhaps. Do people act poorly knowing it will garner this type of attention hence making them, "famous"? I don't know. Perhaps there's chemical imbalances or mental issues that make people do what they do (psychopaths, murderers, etc), but I'm going to go one step beyond the shock factor and ask, where are the "consequences" of people's behaviors in this day and age? 

When I was raised, there were consequences for every action that I did, good or bad. And the consequences were severe enough that if I choose to do something stupid, the punishment would insure a new found respect for authority and that I did not repeat the process of stupidity and poor judgement again. So where are the consequences in today's world? 

In my opinion, people don't "parent" today and want to be their child's best friend. Kids today threaten to call the cops on their parents for "abusive" behaviors (which is really called consequences). Kids are not taught that life isn't fair or how to deal with it, versus getting a participation award for just showing up. This sets people up to fail later in life when they haven't learned to cope with any type of hardships. In some cases, perhaps there's a true mental or chemical issue at hand that would drive negative behaviors but when I see bratty kids slapping people, pushing people, and not being corrected - I'm still going to stick with the idea that lack of consequences can lead to stupid and irresponsible behaviors later. 

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