Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happiness Hodge Podge

<=== I found this today and thought it was very poignant. It's a great reminder for me that the "Leave It To Beaver" crap I watched growing up is not the family "norm" and should never be a goal in life. Enjoy life, live in the moment and move along...

...I am heading to Florida this weekend with the hubs as the trip is part of my birthday present to him! Can't wait to continue to celebrate...especially in warmer weather.

...In addition to Florida, I get the opportunity to travel for work at the end of the month. San Antonio bound for 4 days. Of course, work trips are just that, work, but I'll make the most of it by getting up early to enjoy any good weather that I can! Traveling also puts a strain on my workout and eating habits, but I will stick to my word of the year and...

...CONQUER. Yep, that's my word and mantra for the year. I found it to be a strong word, and most fitting in regards to tackling different obstacles ahead of me. Dropping emotional baggage, creating a better me emotionally and mentally, and getting back into running condition for an upcoming race. I want to conquer it all. So much so, that I even ordered a necklace from My Intent with my word on it. Can't wait for it to arrive.

...I've continued with my workout routine and meal plans so far this year and the smart choices are paying off. Mentally and physically. Additionally, I've logged over 30 gym miles for Run the Year 2017. Not too shabby for a girl with a sprained ankle.

...I finished (reading) a book! And yes that is an accomplishment for me! I finally completed Michael J Fox's, Always Looking Up. I liked most of it, but there were definitely some dry parts that aided in the slow read and lack of progression for me. I am not sure what to start next, though. I have a few books downloaded on my Kindle, and was thinking about tackling a Carrie Fisher novel. None the less, it feels good to have a book under my belt for the year already, as there once was a time I could read 1-2 books a week! 

So yeah...that's my year and day in a nutshell so far. I'm still taking back a "Me a Day" moment every day, despite not blogging about it. Today's me time will be spent either checking out a movie, or getting a pedicure...let's see which one wins! Of course, a nap sounds just as good. 


  1. Awesome!

    Have you been to San Antonio before? I went as a kid. The River Walk is a must!

  2. I THINK I went before on a work trip, but didn't get to see much of it. I've heard great things about it though and would love to really experience it! USUALLY our work trips have at least one "big" night out, but not sure if anything is planned for this trip - fingers crossed!