Monday, January 2, 2017


I think I should work going to sleep at a decent hour into my new year resolve! Ugh. I'm so tired and semi-unmotivated today, but managed to fit in a healthy breakfast and a yoga workout session so far, and of course, this post. Thankfully for once, looking at social media motivated me to get off my butt - thanks Deb for the Exercise Coach post. Even though it wasn't your intention, it totally helped.

In a few hours I'll actually be at the before mentioned Debbie's (and Barney's) house enjoying some much needed hang out time. While my significant other has declined due to workload, I'm taking this time for me. Yep, something as simple as hanging out with a friend is one of my "Me a Day" actions for today. Normally, I might feel guilty since my other half won't be in attendance and attempt a reschedule, but not today. I don't know if it's a "woman" thing, or just a "me" thing, but I'll be working on not feeling guilty for things I shouldn't feel any guilt over and especially things I can't control, didn't break, or can't fix. Eff that. 

In other news, having today off is totally making it feel like a lazy Sunday, which means I will think that all day tomorrow is Monday instead of Tuesday. At least that logic works in my favor as far as processing the week and will make it feel "shorter" instead of longer. And while I'm not one to usually complain about the weather, man today is gross and grey! I doubt that is helping with my motivation for the day but as I look at the time I realize this post has to come to an end and I need to get moving!  So with that, happy reading and happy Monday!

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