Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happiness Hodge Podge

<=== I found this today and thought it was very poignant. It's a great reminder for me that the "Leave It To Beaver" crap I watched growing up is not the family "norm" and should never be a goal in life. Enjoy life, live in the moment and move along...

...I am heading to Florida this weekend with the hubs as the trip is part of my birthday present to him! Can't wait to continue to celebrate...especially in warmer weather.

...In addition to Florida, I get the opportunity to travel for work at the end of the month. San Antonio bound for 4 days. Of course, work trips are just that, work, but I'll make the most of it by getting up early to enjoy any good weather that I can! Traveling also puts a strain on my workout and eating habits, but I will stick to my word of the year and...

...CONQUER. Yep, that's my word and mantra for the year. I found it to be a strong word, and most fitting in regards to tackling different obstacles ahead of me. Dropping emotional baggage, creating a better me emotionally and mentally, and getting back into running condition for an upcoming race. I want to conquer it all. So much so, that I even ordered a necklace from My Intent with my word on it. Can't wait for it to arrive.

...I've continued with my workout routine and meal plans so far this year and the smart choices are paying off. Mentally and physically. Additionally, I've logged over 30 gym miles for Run the Year 2017. Not too shabby for a girl with a sprained ankle.

...I finished (reading) a book! And yes that is an accomplishment for me! I finally completed Michael J Fox's, Always Looking Up. I liked most of it, but there were definitely some dry parts that aided in the slow read and lack of progression for me. I am not sure what to start next, though. I have a few books downloaded on my Kindle, and was thinking about tackling a Carrie Fisher novel. None the less, it feels good to have a book under my belt for the year already, as there once was a time I could read 1-2 books a week! 

So yeah...that's my year and day in a nutshell so far. I'm still taking back a "Me a Day" moment every day, despite not blogging about it. Today's me time will be spent either checking out a movie, or getting a pedicure...let's see which one wins! Of course, a nap sounds just as good. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Soo... I woke up with a sore throat and hoped against the odds that it was irritated from snoring, or sleeping with my mouth open. By noon, I knew this was not a little irritation versus a cold coming on. Of course, I left any preventative measures like vitamin C and zinc at home, so I couldn't even get a head start on staving off the impending infection. 

The icing on the cake today however, was that I ended my day with this...which I get to wear 4-6 weeks for a painfully annoying (or annoyingly painful?) sprained ankle. Happy 2017!

Me A Day Moment: I actually listened to my body and made a doctor's appointment to check out what was going on with my ankle. Yay!

Monday, January 9, 2017


OK, so I started this post vetching about a couple of irritating situations and, while it probably would have been more entertaining to you as the reader, I chose to start over. I do a lot of starting over, mentally at least, and it can be exhausting. Trying to change one's mentality mid-stream of negativity is not easy! Trust me, I know from first hand experience.

With that said, I'll just get to my positive "Me A Day Moment" which was taking back some "me" time and cancelling plans in order to re-prioritize my evening, heading to the gym early to partake in class, and not killing myself on the treadmill afterwards because my ankle is bugging me from a weekend twist. Learning to be kind to one's self, at least my self, is hard. 

And with that said, since I can't think of anything else "nice" to post, I won't post at all. Or, well...at least not continue with this one. I'm tired and crabby!

Friday, January 6, 2017


Well it's day 6 of the new year and I've eaten (relatively) healthy, worked out 5 out of the 6 days and logged 11.39 gym miles for Run the Year 2017 with another 3.10 planned for tomorrow. I have enjoyed some reading time, some friend time and some plain ol' down time. I even managed to get some over due doctor appointments scheduled. Of course I'm working on all that positive new year-positive new me stuff too, but I won't bore you with that...at the moment. I've been itching to take an art class of some sort but can't seem to find one that I want to commit my time to right now. In the meantime, I'm finding myself addicted to creating online scrapbooks as an artistic outlet! 

In other news, a girl smashing bread with her face is all the internet rage. I'm not sure how one begins or takes a shining to this type of activity, but hey, whatever floats your boat. But what really baffles me is the popularity of this and how many followers/likers this activity has. I guess people will watch anything...

This post is short as I'm ready to get my weekend activities started. I'm looking forward to hanging out with friends and family, but mostly, sleeping in! Zzzz...

Me A Day Moment: Allowing myself to skip the (official) gym today in order to do a yoga workout at home instead, making my favorite chili for dinner, and planning out my Sunday dinner ahead of time to avoid meal time chaos!

Thursday, January 5, 2017


I'm choosing today to post what I'm thankful for. You know, the whole "Thankful Thursday" bit. I can't help but feel the need to show some (more) gratitude for...

 ...having found a bracelet that I thought I had lost. Okay, I know that sounds basic (like really, you're thankful for a piece of jewelry? How first-world...) but it's seriously a huge deal to me. The bracelet I'm speaking of is from my husband and was for my 40th birthday. It's a one of a kind, irreplaceable bracelet that was purchased on vacation. But more than the jewelry itself, what I value about it is that my husband was in between jobs when he bought it. Not sure of when he would find his next job or have a solid income again, he still chose to purchase something for me that I considered ridiculously priced (for what it is) to make me happy. When I look at the bracelet, it's that selflessness that I'm reminded of and why I love it so much. Okay, that and it is totally awesome. 

Me a Day Moment: Cutting myself some slack today. You could say that someone went out last night to celebrate. And that someone may have stayed out to late and had perhaps a bit too much wine...but all I know is I allowed "someone" to sleep in and skip the morning workout in exchange for an evening one instead. Usually evening workouts get skipped, despite good intentions, because at the end of the day all I want to do is go home. So, the schedule change adds risk to getting my workout completed but I am gonna be like Larry the Cable Guy and "get 'er done!". 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Does anyone else set their alarm, have full faith that it will go off and wake you up in the morning, yet keep waking up throughout the night to check what time it is? Because of that, I think I may have gotten about 4 hours of sleep last night. Despite being tired, the day seemed to fly by (thankfully). But still, I need a nap! 

Me a Day Moment: Getting up early to head to the gym. I struggle with leaving early in the morning because I then miss out on, what I consider important, one-on-one time with my significant other. Work hours are long, and by the time we're both under one roof as of late, we're both tired and mentally drained from the day. 

Despite feeling some guilt for leaving, I must say it was nice to see my people in the gym this morning. It was comforting, not just nice. Additionally it's been a great way to start the day - knowing that the "hardest" part of my day is over and that I've started it off on the right foot. 

Monday, January 2, 2017


I think I should work going to sleep at a decent hour into my new year resolve! Ugh. I'm so tired and semi-unmotivated today, but managed to fit in a healthy breakfast and a yoga workout session so far, and of course, this post. Thankfully for once, looking at social media motivated me to get off my butt - thanks Deb for the Exercise Coach post. Even though it wasn't your intention, it totally helped.

In a few hours I'll actually be at the before mentioned Debbie's (and Barney's) house enjoying some much needed hang out time. While my significant other has declined due to workload, I'm taking this time for me. Yep, something as simple as hanging out with a friend is one of my "Me a Day" actions for today. Normally, I might feel guilty since my other half won't be in attendance and attempt a reschedule, but not today. I don't know if it's a "woman" thing, or just a "me" thing, but I'll be working on not feeling guilty for things I shouldn't feel any guilt over and especially things I can't control, didn't break, or can't fix. Eff that. 

In other news, having today off is totally making it feel like a lazy Sunday, which means I will think that all day tomorrow is Monday instead of Tuesday. At least that logic works in my favor as far as processing the week and will make it feel "shorter" instead of longer. And while I'm not one to usually complain about the weather, man today is gross and grey! I doubt that is helping with my motivation for the day but as I look at the time I realize this post has to come to an end and I need to get moving!  So with that, happy reading and happy Monday!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Day One

Today is January first. I'm up, no hangover. I'm not sure how (or if) I'm going to clean up all the confetti that is currently on the floor (party poppers seemed like a good idea at the time). I've fed myself a healthy breakfast and taken my vitamin. I think. 

I plan on going for a walk to start logging miles for Run the Year 2017 shortly, and I am working on finishing up a book this week that I've been reading for quite some time. I'm looking forward to starting some new ones this year too, and am hoping the Kindle helps make this a little easier to complete. So yeah, that's me in a nutshell today. Me doing things for me. My "Me a Day" part of this post.

So what else? It's a new year if you didn't notice. My most challenging task will more than likely be remembering to write 2017 on documents, and to stay in a positive mindset when dealing with people less mentally inclined than myself. See? I'm being positive already, I didn't call anyone stupid! Well. Kind of. 

On a completely unrelated side note, Rhonda Rousey. I didn't watch her last fight, which she apparently got the crap punched out of her in 48 seconds but now, due to the loss, people are questioning her future in the sport of fighting. I haven't followed her since she fought whoever it was that put her on the 2015 proverbial fame map. I think her component's name was Holly? Whoever it was, Rousey put a pretty easy smackdown on her, and then gloated about it afterwards. There was no humility, no sense of being humble, just all ego. Her commentary in the interview that followed completely turned me off from wanting to like her and now, all I can think is, "what goes around comes around, Rhonda". 

I know you should never gloat or giggle at someone else's misfortune, and I can't say I'm happy about her loss, I'm indifferent. It's just...I guess if anything...a reminder to not be a gloating ass-hat to people because you never know when your "rug" will be pulled out from underneath you. I'm sure most will not consider her loss an act of karma versus poor coaching, and that's okay. I'll take it for the lesson I see in it, personally. The quote from the movie The Green Mile comes to mind... "I'm tired Boss. Mostly I'm tired of people being ugly to each other". Here's to hoping 2017 is a lot more pretty!