Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I can hardly deal with social media these days with all the post election fall out that is going on. Some is genuine, intelligent concern. Some is all out ignorance and stupidity. While others seem to post false information just to fuel the fires on both sides of the campgrounds. On a positive spin, what a great way to help me spend less time on social media! So I guess it has that going for it... 

I went to The Exercise Coach yesterday and thought I was going to die. Okay, well maybe not die. But I seriously wanted to cry (seriously), and definitely wanted to puke after the session. Don't let anyone tell you that the 20 minutes you spend with this franchise is a waste. Ouch! The saddest realization of the session was that it was an evaluation in order to set a baseline and not even the full workout! I'm not sure how I'll survive the next session, but back I shall go. 

I am hoping that this (The Exercise Coach) and having recruited a new accountabilibuddy for the gym will help get, and keep, me on track with my fitness goals. 

In other random news and postings, I can't believe next weekend is Thanksgiving! I suppose I should get to the grocery store for the feast-ival supplies sooner than later, or my guests and I will end up in a scene like the one below... What are some of your favorite side-dishes? I got a request to make cornbread. I don't think I've ever had cornbread for a holiday dinner? But I'm looking forward to finding a yummy recipe for it and can't wait to make it. Why must carbs be sooooo good? 

I just saw the weekend forecast and it looks COLD! Now, the only thing I like about the cold is the potential for snow. And the only thing I like about snow is the potential for snowshoeing! Of course, this is what I hope for...

But the reality of what I see most of the winter season is  what's shown below... So grey, sloppy and gross! Well, here's to hoping for the best this winter and getting out to enjoy the snow, if there is any? (Ha, famous last words, right?)  

So yep, I realize this post is a little (okay, a lot) random and nonsensical, but quite frankly with election overload going on, I'm quite happy to write and post it. Happy Tuesday peoples!


  1. I'm spending way less time on Facebook, which is a nice thing! I just don't want to see anything from any side right now. It's all just making me angry. A lot of my friends appear to be trying to get petitions going but I honestly don't think much of them. I'm upset and concerned too, but for my own sanity, just trying to avoid news and Facebook has become full of news (a lot of it being fake or exaggerated, too). I'm just not interested in anyone's opinions right now, you know? So I am just finding myself mostly scrolling quickly through and being done. I'm just posting whatever's going on here (weather, dogs, cats, etc.). Woo-hoo. I'm getting more done lately, by spending less time on FB, which I really like! Getting lots of organizing done and stuff. I seem to be making a bigger mess in the process, but it'll all come together soon enough. :)

    Good for you for working on fitness goals. I'm not looking forward to snow but oh well, it's just inevitable. Someone you dislike posted that they were "furious" this morning because there was the tiniest bit of snow. Giiiiirl, just you wait. I laughed.

  2. Less time on social media is way better for everyone! It's awesome you're being productive, sounds like you're getting a lot of things accomplished girlie!

    As for being furious about snow? Seriously do you/they know where we live? My advice, shut up or move!

    1. RIGHT! If you've lived here your entire 40 years, what do you expect? I lived in California for 16.5 years and I'm bitching less! Ha, it's just funny. Don't get me wrong though... I'm sure I will bitch.