Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Note from author: If you're suffering from election fatigue, skip this read for today...

American voters who, as of yesterday morning, were proud to exercise their rights and take advantage of their freedoms are the same people spewing anti-government and throwing tantrums today. It's sad that there are so many poor losers and more so, that there are so many braggadocious, poor winners. America has forecasted Trump to fail the world without him even having stepped one foot into the White House, which I also find sad. What happened to beliefs such as not judging others? What happened to not saying anything at all if you have nothing nice to say? Hell, what happened to being a united nation? 

Instead of moving forward, I find people want to wallow in hatred, indulge in false media statements, make America miserable and, most of all, have someone else to blame for it. Trump is not the end of the world. Trump is a temporary status, just as we all are in this life. And to date, win or lose, he's changed nothing other than your emotions. Yes, disappointment and sadness are bound to come to us when there can only be one winner, but how you deal with those emotions is up to you. And that is what you cannot blame on Trump. 

I personally think, despite the differences I have with Trump (which are many), that he will take the job of leading the nation seriously. Just as Hillary would have. I believe he will surround himself with people smarter than he is to help run the country. Just as Hillary would have. I also believe that Congress will not let him (or Hillary had she prevailed to) "run a muck" drunk with power. Do we need to be reminded of how the Government works? 

I may not agree with the President-elect. I may not agree with his future actions. But I'm not going to sit here and pout as a pitiful winner or loser of this election. Instead, I will pick my battles as they (may or may not) arise. I have the right to protest. I have the right to petition. And most importantly in four years, I have the right to vote again.

If you are afraid of and fear Trump, as I think most of us do in some way, okay. But don't let the fear fuel you. Racism, bigotry and a womanizer is not who or what the people are behind. At least not the Trump supporters I know. While surely individual opinion and reasons for each party's admiration vary, the Trump supporters I know are personally weary of politicians and the immoral, non beneficial situations they've created. They want change. They want someone who is not tied to Washington's bedposts to run the country. They don't want the same tired politicians continuing to run the States into the ground. So when given a different option, in the form of a business man, they took it. The choice of winner is, in my opinion, a form of "damning The Man" and bucking the system. Right or wrong, they have been tossed so now, let the chips fall where they may.

In the meantime, I implore you to not throw away the ideal of the Land of Opportunity and all it affords you. America is the United States, so let's start acting like one. I shouldn't have to remind you of that, but in addition, respect other people's opinions and realize that whether you like it or not, we're all in this together. You have options. Many options. You can move to Canada as some have proclaimed. You can hate America for the next four years (which, you might as well move then), or you can pick yourself up by the boot straps, dust yourself off, and work towards a better America with me and the countless others whom did and did not support Trump. Be kind to one another. Volunteer. Petition. Help one another. Educate. Show love and compassion to all, not just some and consider...  

"At the end of the day, this is an opportunity to learn and grow and consider another world view. This is a wake-up call to get out of safe spaces, politically correct thinking, shatter echo chambers, and challenge yourself to consider the other side of the fence. This is an opportunity to reach out and truly learn to understand each other."  - Trent Lampinski


  1. Half the population is grieving. Grief, which you are familiar with, is complicated and has 5 stages, and people can be in more than one of the stages at the same time.

    I get that you're annoyed at people lashing out, but a lot of it is coming out of grief. How we feel isn't something we control. How we ACT, yes. I am angry. I am depressed. I am allowed to feel these things. I am allowed to say I'm disappointed and angry on social media, too.

    Let's give it a few days before we lash out at people that are simply just struggling to accept things that just happened to them.

    And um, I only have health insurance because of the ACA, which will most likely get repealed without a solid plan in place to take over, so hell yeah I'm scared about that. That's already happening in their minds. It'll be a top priority.

    I'm not going to feel bad for feeling bad about this.

  2. My intention is not to condemn people for feeling bad, versus acting poorly. I recognize the difference. People expressing emotions I feel have done amazingly well on other social media sources, yourself included. However, there are a handful of people who have become downright nasty and suggestive of doing harm. That, to me, is never acceptable.